Now send text messages to your contacts by simply asking Alexa to do so

This new feature can only send messages to Android-powered smartphones

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  3. Now send text messages to your contacts by simply asking Alexa to do so


    • The service isn’t available on iOS devices
    • This service is only available in the US currently

Amazon has announced that Alexa, its digital AI-based assistant will be able to send text messages to the user’s contacts via voice commands. However, this feature currently will be available only in the US.

We will still try testing this out on our own Echo Dot device, to see if we can utilise this feature in India too. Amazon has been a little slow in bringing things into India. For instance, Prime Music still isn’t available in the country.


With this new feature, users can ask Alexa to send text messages to specific contacts. After the voice command has been relayed to the assistant, it will then figure out the best possible way to send the message. It may utilise the Alexa messaging system or just send it like a normal text via SMS. The latter will only happen if the other party doesn’t own an Alexa powered device of their own. One limitation of this new feature is that it will only send messages to Android-powered smartphones.

To get started with this new feature, users will need to open up the Amazon Echo application on their smartphones and follow all the instructions that appear in the pop-up.

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After the setup is complete, users can send text or voice messages to their contacts. However, they will need to specify every time while sending the message, whether to send it as a Text message or Message. Otherwise, Alexa will first try to send it as a voice message to the other Alexa device, if it is unsuccessful, then it will send it as a normal SMS.

In a report by TechCrunch, it is mentioned that the company is unable to bring the feature on iOS devices due to Apple not offering their messaging API to third-party companies.