No plans to exit the smartphone business, says Sony CEO – Kaz Hirai

Sony Xperia fans can breathe easy

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    • Sony Mobiles will be staying in the market and competing with the rivals
    • The Sony Image Sensor business is currently booming

There have been quite a few reports in recent times claiming that Sony is looking to exit the smartphone market and focus on its other businesses. However, in a recent interview, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai confirmed that they are not devising an exit strategy from the highly competitive smartphone market. Instead, they are planning to introduce a slew of new devices to retain and grow its market presence in the communications business.

“It’s not about the smartphones of today; it’s more about looking beyond smartphones – at what are we going to be doing – and to be a player in this space; ideally to be a leader,”
said Kaz Hirai in the Interview with Guardian.

Hirai, in the interview with The Guardian, said that the main motivation behind Sony staying in the smartphone race is not due to it being the future. It is because Sony wants to get into and stay in the growing field of communications overall. This statement also reaffirms that Sony has no plans of shutting or selling off its smartphone business, and will continue to compete with brands like Samsung and Apple.

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Hirai also said that the main drivers of Sony’s image-sensor business are smartphones, digital cameras, and some surveillance and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Image sensors was the product-line that led Sony into profit during 2017. The image sensors of the brand are found widely in smartphones from most of the major smartphone manufacturers.

Hirai also stated, that after they have a stable image sensor business, they will be taking it to the automotive industry. With the advent of self-driving cars, we do see use of Sony’s high-quality image sensors in autonomous driving.