Nintendo Super Mario Run is coming to Android on March 23

Super Mario Run to be available on Android devices globally from March 23, will get 2.0.0 update as well.

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  3. Nintendo Super Mario Run is coming to Android on March 23


    • Super Mario Run to roll out on Android devices on March 23.
    • The game will get a version 2.0.0 update as well.

Nintendo’s popular side-scrolling, auto run mobile game Super Mario Run is finally making its way to Android devices. The company has announced the launch for the mobile title for Android platforms. Nintendo of America in its Twitter account has confirmed that the game will be available on Android devices worldwide on March 23. The company has also stated that Super Mario Run will be getting a version 2.0.0 update as well.

Nintendi had originally launched Super Mario Run in December last year first on iOS, followed by an Android release “in the near future”. The mobile title could accumulate 40 million downloads in the first week itself. However, the Super Mario Run did receive mixed reviews from iOS users as the full iOS version costs £7.99. Many early adopters of the game felt it was too much to pay for a mobile game. But evidently, the game has been downloaded 78 million times in between its launch and by the end of January 2017. And a little over about 5 percent of those free demo downloads did turn into the full version of the game for a one-time in-app fee of $9.99.

Most likely, Nintendo will turn the tables for the Android players as the Google Play platform already offers similar endless running games. Essentially, the Android version of Super Mario Run, will require an internet connection to play, just like the iOS offering, with a limited number of levels available for free. The Android users can pre-register for the Super Mario Run game at the Google Play Store, so that they get an alert when the game is available to download.