New Snapchat update to allow longer replay of messages

Snapchat brings three new updates, enables to replay Snaps until the recipient exits the chat thread.

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    • Snap Inc brings three new updates to Snapchat
    • Snaps now exist longer than 10 seconds
    • Brings Loop tool similar to Instagram Boomerang

Amidst the decline of Snapchat’s user growth rate, thanks to Instagram cloning Snapchat stories, Snap Inc has rolled out an update to the media messaging platform on Tuesday.

The update brings three new creative tools to Snapchat- a Limitless Snap mode, a Loop tool and a Magic Eraser tool. The biggest change in this new set of tools is perhaps the ‘limitless snap’ mode that defeats Snapchat’s concept of ephemeral media. This new mode essentially enables the user to view photos longer, photos which could previously be seen only for about 10 seconds. The tap infinity icon allows the Snaps to be replayed until the recipient exits the conversation thread.


The Loop tool meanwhile introduces looping videos where the user can record a video and replay it by tapping on the loop icon. The feature is similar to Instagram’s Boomerangs that plays short-form video loops.

The Magic Eraser that is available on the existing scissor tools edits the background of an image. Snap Inc has also added the ability to draw emoji (a few) that exists in the drawing tool.


The company in a blog post on Tuesday said, “Today we’re making a pretty big change to the way you create and send Snaps. We’re reorganising the layout of our creative tools, adding a Magic Eraser (you’ll find this under the Scissor tool), and adding a new setting to the timer: infinity!” It further said, “These changes allow us to continue evolving the Snapchat service and provide a foundation for introducing even more creative tools for making fun Snaps! We hope you enjoy it!”