New Linkedin Lite app now available to download in India

LinkedIn Lite app is less than 1MB in size and should be available to over 60 countries soon

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    • LinkedIn Lite is available to download in India
    • The toned down app is less than 1MB in size
    • Linkedin plans to roll it out over 60 countries

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn recently launched a new toned down version of LinkedIn app dubbed LinkedIn Lite. The new app is less than 1MB in size and available for all Android users in India. The company is also planning to make it accessible to over 60 countries soon. LinkedIn Lite should be compatible with any smartphone running Android 5.0 Lollipop and up. We installed and tried LinkedIn lite app ourselves, and we are in a position to report that it successfully stood up to our expectations.


Installation should be quicker since the app is less than 1MB in size. It prompts users to sign in to their LinkedIn account. Options like Home, Jobs, Network, and Profile are at the bottom, unlike the main app. The search box, messages, and notifications retain the same placement as its older counterpart. We used it on mobile data and it the load time was negligible. The app managed to update the feed and load profiles/messages almost instantly.

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LinkedIn Lite lets users search people, jobs, and companies. Messages load up faster so that chatting with your connections should not be troublesome, especially when you are running low on data speeds. Home feed loads up faster as well so keeping yourself updated with industry news should be easier. Only 500 users have installed LinkedIn Lite app on their Android phones at the time of reporting this.

“We are seeing a lot of growth co ming from tier-2 and tier-3 towns due to this initiative. In the past six months, unique visitors to our mobile site has doubled while the engagement on our site has gone up threefold,” LinkedIn India’s Akshay Kothari told The Economic Times.