New Google Maps update will make searching places easier than before

Google Maps fresh look will arrive over the next few weeks to apps and services like Google Assistant, Search, Android Auto that uses this platform

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  3. New Google Maps update will make searching places easier than before


    • Google Maps updated with new UI
    • The mapping service gets new colour icons to quickly identify places

Search giant Google has rolled out a new design update to Google Maps that offers a new look. The new update delivers one-tap access to search nearby. Additionally, modes of transport like driving, transit, etc., will provide necessary information accordingly. For example, Google Maps will highlight ‘stops and route lines’ if you choose public transport, train stations for transit.


Another notable change in Google Maps is the fresh colour scheme with new icons. previously, users could identify places such as church, cafe or by their indicative symbols. It’ll now assign a particular colour code to identify places of user’s interest. For instance, if you are looking for ATMs nearby, open Google Maps and tap on the purple icon for them. There are more such colour codes under ‘Services’ that show categories like- Food & Drink, Shopping, Outdoor, Entertainment/Leisure and more.


“We’ve updated our colour scheme and added new icons to help you quickly identify exactly what kind of point of interest you’re looking at. Places like a cafe, church, museum or hospital will have a designated colour and icon so that it’s easy to find that type of destination on the map,” Google said in a blog post.

The new update will roll out to users over the next few weeks, in addition to Google products such as Google Assistant, Search and Android Auto that use Google Maps. The changes change will also reflect in apps and services that integrate Google Maps APIs.