New Google Assistant Go consumes much less space, data and system resources

Is Google pushing really hard on its Go inititive?

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    • This app comes in after a slew of Go-edition apps hitting the Play Store
    • This is meant for devices with less than 1GB of RAM

Google has been releaseing many Android “Go” specific apps for Android these days. Go apps are toned-down version of their origianl counterparts in order to reduce the size of the app and data consumption. Now, the company has announced Google Assistant Go, which is similar to the original Assistant. Currently, the Go Editions of applications include Files, YouTube, Google, Maps, etc.

Google has made it available for download in the Play Store. As per the app description, it supports English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Thai. This app mainly targets devices with a RAM of less than 1GB. It’ll come pre-installed with the Android Go-powered smartphones in the future.

Google Lens integrated on the Google Assistant
Google Lens integrated on the Google Assistant

Assistant Go is expected to receive feature similar to standard Assistant as it matures.

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Google launched the new Android Oreo Go operating system last year in December. It is basically a stripped down version of the Android Oreo operating system that will run on smartphones with not so good specifications, but with a reasonable price tag. This will help people who still are yet to use a smartphone, and can’t get a good one within the price bracket they are looking for.

MediaTek in a recent event in New Delhi showcased their new chipset optimized for the Android Go operating system. The company also announced a partnership with Reliance Jio over their first Android Go edition smartphone in the market. However, the details on this are a bit iffy and a few reports state that Reliance Jio has declined any such claims.