MWC 2017: LG G6 to feature new UX 6.0 design for its 18:9 screen ratio display

LG G6 to come with updated UX 6.0, camera app will feature new Food mode & Square mode.

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    • LG G6 to come with updated UX 6.0
    • LG G6 camera app to feature Square mode found in Instagram.
    • The phone will enable the user to create animated GIF.

LG’s next flagship the LG G6 is just a week away from being unveiled at world mobile trade show. However, the South-Korean tech company hasn’t been holding back in revealing little details prior to the launch. LG recently unveiled the next flagship’s unusual 18:9 screen ratio and today it announced that the G6 will have a custom Android UX designed specifically for use in the 5.7-inch QHD+ display.

LG has already shared that the new device will have small bezels, with display taking up to 90 percent of the front side. The company, however, today claimed that it will be updating its custom Android UX to version 6.0 providing an advantage to the large 18:9 display.

LG said that the UX 6.0 in the phone will enable the user to run apps in two perfectly square windows allowing for better multitasking experience. Although it is already available in Android 7.0 Nougat version, LG promises that the UX 6.0 will bring ‘unique’ experience while watching videos or browsing internet. Further the company says, when the device is in landscape mode, the calendar app will be displayed in the left window, meanwhile, a more detailed schedule will show on the right window of the phone.

The UX 6.0 accompanies the camera software of the LG G6 as well. LG said that the camera in the phone will feature a Square mode, the feature we see mostly in the social media platforms like Instagram. The mode will allow the user to take a photo in 1:1 ratio and review it at the same time in the other identical square.

Interestingly, LG has included a new Food mode in the camera app for the users who like to take pictures of their meals and share it with others via social media. The company claims that the Food mode in the LG G6 will have high colour quality and saturation for taking perfect food pictures. The phone will also have a mode that will let users combine anywhere between two to a hundred images in a loop and create animated GIF.

As LG is peeling off almost all the relevant specs of their next flagship, we believe that the new smartphone will only be left with the price details to get unveiled at the LG’s pre-MWC event that is scheduled for February 26 in Barcelona, Spain.