Moto launches 360 degree camera mod for Moto Z smartphones

Motorola is pushing hard to promote the Mods ecosystem for the Z series of Smartphones

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    • New Moto Mod launched
    • 360-degree camera mod
    • Currently exclusive to Ghana

Modular phones have been getting a lot of attention these days and have made Motorola famous for the Moto Z series, which comes with a dedicated connector that allows you to attach specifically designed mods to it. These mods range from being mini projectors to speakers to battery packs. Now, a tweet shows that the Moto Z line-up will soon get a 360 degree camera mod. This new Moto Mod has been launched at an event held in Ghana, West Africa. As 360-degree photography/videography is getting popular around the world, we can soon expect this Mod to be launched in other parts of the world. However, there is no official wording on the pricing and availability of the 360-degree camera mod for other regions of the globe.

According to the picture, the camera mod looks very clean and just has a 360-degree camera sitting at the top. Motorola will be using the same 16-pin connector for the connectivity with the phone and is expected to be compatible with the upcoming as well as existing smartphones in the Moto Z line-up. The Mod leaves a cut-out for the rear camera with a Motorola logo right below and showcases a white colour body. The colour variants and the build quality are still unknown. Some reports suggest that the camera mod may even have a button in order to capture images or start/stop the video recording.

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Moto 360 degree camera mod announced in Ghana

360-degree cameras and Virtual Reality are getting a lot of attention these days. Many smartphone companies are working on producing VR Headsets or a 360-degree camera. Samsung recently launched its Gear 360, even LG launched a 360-degree camera. Essential Phone managed to make a compact 360-degree camera attachment for its smartphone.