Microsoft removes Chrome Installer from Windows Store

Users slammed the app for being 'useless' before it was taken down

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    • Google yesterday launched its Chrome installer app on the Windows Store
    • The app got removed due to it not following the store policies

Google on Tuesday published its Chrome installer app on the Windows Store. This new app would apparently redirect the users to a download link for installation of the browser. Microsoft seems to have taken offense to this move made by the search giant, and now, it has taken down the application from its official Windows Store. Additionally, the app had also received extremely bad reviews and ratings on the store. Many of the reviewers called the app fully useless.

The Verge got in touch with Microsoft regarding this and they were told by a Microsoft spokesperson,
“We have removed the Google Chrome Installer App from Microsoft Store, as it violates our Microsoft Store policies.”

Microsoft also said it is needed to be ensured that the apps provide a unique and distinct value to the user. They are also ready to welcome a new app by Google compliant with the Microsoft Store policies. Just an interesting fact, before the app was taken down from the Windows Store it averaged 1.5 stars along with 74 reviews in total.

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Google might not submit a new app to the Windows Store because of Microsoft’s Windows 10 S restrictions. Currently, Windows Store apps that browse the internet must use HTML and Javascript. However, the Google Chrome browser uses its own Blink rendering engine. If Google wants its Chrome browser to land up in the Windows app store it will have to make a new Chrome app which follows all the Microsoft Store’s policy.