Microsoft announces Edge browser for Android and iOS

Microsoft after killing Windows Phone is looking at other ways to get into the smartphone market

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    • Edge browser is in an open beta for all iOS users
    • Android beta testing will begin shortly
    • The company also announced a launcher app for Android

Microsoft today announced a preview of its Edge web-browser for both Android and iOS platforms. It also confirmed plans for a Launcher specifically for the Android operating system. They even announced that the launcher is ready for download, however, it is only a preview version of the app. The company has opened up iOS beta testing for all users, however, the same is not the case for Android users. The company says that they will soon make the same available for Android users also.

Apple iOS users can register to test the Microsoft Edge browser, after which the company will approve them to download the same. This is an attempt by Microsoft to ramp up their presence on the mobile platform, given that the company today officially announced that they have killed off the Windows Phone platform.


Microsoft’s office suite is already available for both Android and iOS app stores. As per reports, the Edge browser will be bringing a similar user experience as its desktop counterpart on iOS with the help of its EdgeHTML rendering engine, however, the Android version of the app will depend upon Google’s Chrome Blink Engine to get around.

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Alongside the Edge browser for Android and iOS, the company also announced the launch of its Android launcher app. The company says that it will help the users link photos, documents, and more between the smartphone and PC. It mimics Windows 10’s features and feel so that the users feel continuity in using their smartphones and PCs. They also said that the company will be also offering gesture support.