Major Google Allo update to roll out today

Google has been listening and is bringing a much requested feature to Allo

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Google Allo launched under much fanfare, but as time passed, people started to realise the ways in which it could not match up to everyone’s preferred messaging app, WhatsApp. In a tweet, Amit Fulay, Head of Product at Google for Allo and Duo announced that his team is about to close that gap in big ways. There were murmurs that Allo was due to receive an update, but an official confirmation is always welcome.

So what does the new update include? For starters, Google is finally bringing chat backup to Allo. There will also be an incognito mode for group chats and lastly, link previews are also being integrated into the app. There aren’t any details about how these features will work, or whether there are any others lined up for the update that is to be released at some point in the next 24 hours. At the time of writing this story, Allo is not showing up under the update tab on Google Play Store.

Google’s Allo was introduced as a new messaging app from the Mountain View company, with an AI-powered assistant built into it. The assistant can provide quick responses based on the context of the conversation, and Google claimed that the AI just gets more and more accurate with time. Despite the AI dazzle, Google Allo’s lack of a chat backup restore option was something that left a lot of users, including this particular author, a little disappointed. While development has been somewhat slow for Allo, we are glad that the company is listening and bringing a much-requested feature to the app.

If you’re an Allo user, keep an eye on your Play Store updates tab. According to Amit Fulay’s tweet, the update should be rolling out soon.