LYF smartphone owners to get 20 per cent extra Jio data

only eligible for smartphones ranging between Rs. 6600 and Rs. 9700

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    • The 20 per cent free data will be credited in 48 hours
    • The Lyf smartphones bought under the scheme will come with 1-year extended warranty

Reliance Jio users can now enjoy 20 per cent more 4G data if they buy a Lyf smartphone. This is a part of their new promotion from Jio, where the users can avail the offer by buying Lyf Water smartphones priced between Rs. 6,600 and Rs. 9,700.

lyf smartphone jio offer

This promotion is only for the Lyf Water smartphone lineup which will include Lyf Water F1S, Water F1, Water 1, Water 2, Water 7, Water 7s, Water 8, Water 9, Water 10, and Water 11. To activate the promotion the customer is needed to insert their Reliance Jio SIM in the primary SIM slot after purchasing the device, after which Reliance Jio will credit the additional data to their account which can be seen in the MyJio application downloaded through the Google Play Store.

Additionally, Lyf will also be offering these customers one year of free extended warranty fro their smartphones. This offer is being provided by the company till March 31, 2018. The offer is valid on only packs of Rs. 309 and Rs. 509 which will get you 6GB and 12GB of additional data respectively. Jio will be providing the Lyf customers with this additional data a maximum of six times between the time of purchase of the Lyf branded Water smartphone and March 31, 2018.

The Reliance owned Lyf smartphones was reported by CounterPoint Research to be in the list of Top 5 smartphone vendors of India in Q1 2016. This was due to Jio being in beta and only being offered to Lyf smartphone owners. This new scheme might have been introduced to boost the sales of Lyf smartphones.