Linking Aadhaar card to Facebook NOT mandatory, at least for now

Rumours about linking Aadhaar card with Facebook debunked!

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  3. Linking Aadhaar card to Facebook NOT mandatory, at least for now

Nothing is impossible in an age where the government asks/hints/suggests/pushes citizens of this country to link Aadhaar card to mobile SIM cards and bank accounts unless you want them dysfunctional. But what if there comes a day when Facebook restricts people from creating a Facebook account without an Aadhaar card? Or even worse, make it mandatory for the existing users to link Aadhaar card to their Facebook account in the future!

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens. Facebook did give a bunch of netizens a scare today. We had multiple reports coming in saying Facebook was prompting new users to enter the names as per that on their Aadhaar card. Multiple Reddit and Twitter users have posted screenshots claiming to have come across these prompts.

Some users raised concerns about Facebook making Aadhaar card linking mandatory due to lack of knowledge about the topic. Facebook later confirmed to Hindustan Times that it was just a small test suggesting users to use the name mentioned on their Aadhaar card and it wasn’t mandatory at all.

“This is a small test where we provide additional language when people sign up for an account to say that using the name on their Aadhaar card makes it easier for friends to recognise them,” Facebook told Hindustan Times.

Another possibility why Facebook may have rolled this feature out is to restrict people from creating fake accounts or impersonating existing users. But Aadhar is a touchy topic in India currently and the association of Aadhaar card and Facebook immediately raised concerns over the safety of Aadhaar details on certain online forums. We’ve seen numerous incidents in the past where Aadhaar card details were leaked and published on several websites.

As of now, users can breathe easy as Facebook has clarified that they aren’t interested in your Aadhaar details currently. In a hypothetical scenario where they make linking Aadhaar compulsory in the future, all one would have to let go of is their Facebook account and not a bank account. So no big deal. Wait, or is it?