LG unveils LG V30S ThinQ, a rehashed version of LG V30 with AI and extra memory

Interestingly, LG has promised AI Cam as an update on the V30 phone too

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  3. LG unveils LG V30S ThinQ, a rehashed version of LG V30 with AI and extra memory


    • LG V30S ThinQ with AI Cam facility, QLens launched
    • The V30S ThinQ shares similar innards as the V30
    • It packs 6GB RAM/128GB internal storage

LG introduced its modular flagship smartphone, the LG G5 at MWC 2016. The South Korean tech giant unveiled the LG G6, one of the first handsets to feature a near bezel-less 18:9 display at MWC 2017. This time around, LG seems to have made just cosmetic hardware and software upgrades instead of unleashing a new flagship model.

LG has brought the LG V30S ThinQ which is titled as the ‘rehash version’ of the LG V30, along with LG V30S+ ThinQ. Both the devices share similar essential innards as the V30. The phones feature a 6-inch QHD+ (2880 x 1440 pixel) 18:9 OLED display, the same dual rear camera combination with 16MP+13MP sensors, Snapdragon 835 processor and the same 3300mAh battery. The only changes in the LG V30S and the V30S+ are its RAM and storage with 6GB RAM/128GB inbuilt memory and 6GB RAM/256GB native storage respectively.

LG has offered a new colour palette called New Platinum Grey and New Moroccan Blue. The ‘novelty’ of the LG V30S ThinQ series is its ‘AI Cam’ that includes a layer of artificial intelligence above the camera viewfinder. The feature is designed to recognise objects that you shoot with the camera. The AI Cam currently recognises eight categories- animal, city/building, flower, sunrise, sunset, portrait (person), landscape and food.

In addition, the QLens, tries to recognise specific objects for price, shopping etc. and scans QR codes. LG has added a new Bright Mode to the LG V30S camera that combines ‘four pixels’ into one and supposedly produces better images in low-light. The AI Cam is licensed by LG from EyeEM. The features are nothing new given that Samsung and Google already have similar offering via their Bixby assistant and Google Lens respectively.


Interestingly, LG has promised AI Cam and other software improvements as an update on the V30 phone too. The question that arises is if LG is rolling an update (in the near future) on the existing flagship model, why does it need to introduce a whole new series in the first case. The LG V30 will also get the Bright Mode for improved exposure.

To recap, LG put a similar treatment on its previous flagship phone, the LG G6 by launching a Plus version in June last year. The only difference between the Plus model was the storage, wireless charging support and new colours. Other than this, the LG G6+ retained same specs as the G6.

Pricing and availability are yet to be announced by the company. However, LG has cited that the LG V30S ThinQ will go on sale in Korea next month followed by a wider release in other parts of the world later in March.