LG to reportedly use OLED for it’s next flagship

LG is “finally jumping on the OLED bandwagon”, might likely use it for the next flagship for this year

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  3. LG to reportedly use OLED for it’s next flagship


    • LG to use OLED panels in its upcoming flagship
    • The upcoming flagship might launch later this year
    • LG V30 likely to use OLED panel

While the smartphone’s evolution is pacing up fast, smartphone manufacturers are making endless efforts to bring unique innovation to their devices. Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S8 and the S8+ captured assiduity with its ‘infinity’ display and contemporary design albeit Galaxy Note 7 fiasco that nearly rive the company’s reputation.

But it’s not the Galaxy S8 family that is creating hype on the internet, rather it’s LG’s upcoming flagship that is reportedly said to feature OLED display. According to the South Korean outlet, The Investor, LG is “finally jumping on the OLED bandwagon” and will supposedly release a flagship later this year with an OLED panel. While Samsung is said to be the pioneer of AMOLED display, LG’s decision might somehow help to compete with its rival. Notably, a month ago a report cropped up saying that LG Display was ‘gearing up to mass production curved OLED panels’. Interestingly, The Investors that it’s not just the LG V30 that will likely sport an OLED display, future flagships from the South Korean tech company- ‘tentatively called the LG G7’ will follow suit next year.

The report citing anonymous source familiar with the matter said that LG will purportedly launch its new smartphone LG V30later this year with an OLED screen. “Most OLED screens produced at LG Display’s Gumi E5 plant in the second half will be used for its sister firm LG Electronics. Some of the OLED production will be supplied to Chinese phone makers who are hoping to catch up with front-runners such as Samsung and Apple,” the source said. Further, the source added that LG’s OLED panel production will start in July.

LG’s decision to switch from ‘long dependent’ LCD display to OLED panels seems pertinent as its competitors are ‘increasingly adopting’ OLED screen for their premium devices. The report noted that Samsung uses OLED from nearly 70 per cent of its smartphones and the overall OLED market is still dominated by the company at 95 per cent.