LG to launch its new G6 Pro and the G6 Plus on June 27

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  3. LG to launch its new G6 Pro and the G6 Plus on June 27

LG might expand its G6 smartphone lineup as soon as June 27, as reported by a Korean publication etnews.com. The report said that LG is set to hold an event in its home country South Korea where it will be launching the rumoured LG G6 Pro and the LG G6 Plus. The report also stated that both these devices will first go on sale in Korea, after which the International launch might happen.

The LG G6 Plus is rumoured to come with 128GB of internal storage, and the G6 Pro is rumoured to come with 32GB of internal storage, which contradicts the Pro badge that it might come carrying. Both the new versions of the LG G6 will be also available in the Optical Astro Black colour (Changes the hue of black depending on the lighting situations).

Reports have said that the company wants to launch both these new variants of the LG G6 to expand its payment platform LG Pay, similar to Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. LG recently launched LG Pay in its home country of South Korea and has seen wide success.

The report also listed the price of the G6 Plus to be at KRW 999,800 (approx. $890), and the G6 Pro to be priced at KRW 899,800 (approx. $801). Though, it seems unlikely that the G6 Pro and the G6 Plus will be sold elsewhere.

As until now there have been no indications from LGs side regarding the launch of these smartphones, and the LG executive we contacted was not available for comment.