LG G6 will have better audio than LG V20

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    • Audio quality will be better than LG V20
    • Distortion to be as low as 0.0002%
    • Processing speed also improved

Amidst all the leaks about the LG G6’s design and features, there’s a new one that might excite a rather niche crowd – the audiophiles. LG is all set to take audio performance of its flagship smartphone up by a few notches from where it is now – and that’s saying something because the LG V20 has already been largely acclaimed for its superior audio performance. The LG V20 managed to deliver one of the best audio experiences thanks to an integrated Quad DAC (digital to analog converter) audio system. The upcoming LG G6 will have an upgraded Quad DAC chip to deliver even better audio, a press release from the South Korean company has confirmed.

A digital to analog converter, or DAC, is essentially the part of the audio system that takes audio signal in a complex digital signal from the device and converts into 1s and 0s, analog signals that the human ears can perceive. However, this system works only when the headphones are connected by means of a proper audio cable, and not playing music wirelessly.

When a signal is converted from digital to analog, the process usually creates some audio elements which we know as noise and distortion. These might be there in the minutest of quantities, and not even noticeable by the average user, but audiophiles might be able to pick that up. A Quad DAC consists of four processors that work on the signal to eliminate or reduce as much as they can, the noise and distortion. This essentially means that the output the user gets is much ‘cleaner’.

On the LG G6, the improved Quad DAC system will control the left and right channels separately, which would translate into a superior stereo audio experience. The release also states that the speed at which the conversion occurs has also been increased significantly. Totally, the user would get a better playback experience and the distortion level would be down to as low as 0.0002%.

Of course, this would all be noticeable only if you’re using a pair of high-end headphones. But if we are to go by what LG has been recently doing, say with the LG V20, you’re bound to get a pair of premium headphones in the box itself. The LG V20 comes with a pair of Bang and Olufsen (B&O) headphones. Well, at least they will decide to pack in one of the best in the industry and are also thankfully not doing away with the 3.5mm audio port.