LG G6 durability, water resistance and battery safety shown off in new video

LG made a cool video to drive home some very important points about the LG G6

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    • Water & dust resistant
    • Withstands falls up to 1m
    • Battery temperature does not exceed 35 degrees

LG has released a new video that showcases the durability and functional nature of their upcoming flagship, the LG G6. The video is a demonstration of the phone’s allegedly superb build quality, demonstrated by putting the LG G6 through a series of movements in a Rube Goldberg machine. In case you don’t know what a Rube Goldberg machine is, it is a contraption where one event leads to another which leads to another, kind of like how dominos work. The purpose is to achieve an incredibly simple task through complicated movements.

The LG G6 is used throughout the video to demonstrate its build quality, boasting of IP68 water and dust resistance along with the phones ability to function in a temperature range of -20C to 65C. The video proceeds to demonstrate how the LG G6 can withstands drops from a height of up to 1 meter, which is great given how our experience with the LG V20 left us very concerned about falls.

What really sticks out in the video is the fact that LG claims the battery temperature does not go over 35.5C while charging. There’s a tiny footnote that says the battery was charged from 5 to 65 percent, in a span of 40 minutes in a controlled environment (lab temperature of 25C). We’ve seen from our testing process that batteries typically tend to hit up to 40 degrees when being charged, especially in their initial fast charge cycle. Potential jab at Samsung aside, it would seem like LG put special focus on the battery, possibly to ensure they never have to go through what Samsung had to with the Galaxy Note 7. You can watch LG’s video below.

The LG G6 was announced at Mobile World Congress back in January, with the Korean company beating Samsung to the market by a whole month. The LG G6 sports Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 processing along with 4GB RAM. Continuing their tradition of experimental design, the screen on the LG G6 is a 5.7 inch panel with a 18:9 aspect ratio and 1440×2880 resolution. The phone comes with a dual camera setup, however this time, both the cameras are 13 megapixels in resolution. The phone comes with 32 or 64GB of on-board storage which can be expanded to 256GB by the means of a Micro-SD card. L has created a custom UI dubbed LG UX 6.0 that is designed to leverage the special 18:9 aspect ratio display.

While there is no official word on when the LG G6 will come to the Indian market, we suspect the phone should be out very soon, given that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is coming out soon as well.