Lenovo K8 Note First Impressions, Camera samples and Image Gallery

Lenovo K8 Note a phone that you might want to consider buying but only after reading these First impressions

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Lenovo India today launched the 7th version of their K-series smartphone, the Lenovo K8 Note in the Indian market. The phone comes with a rather lucrative set of features and a price tag that could be seen as competitive in the segment. After the launch event, we were able to get our hands on the device for a comfortable period of time where were able to get a good feel for the device and how it performs. The Lenovo K8 Note is supposed to go on sale 18 August exclusively on Amazon and in case you’re on the fence about whether to get the latest from the house of Lenovo, our first impressions should at least help you atleast get to one side of the debate. If you would like to be absolutely sure about the purchase, then you should probably wait till out full review is out, but in the mean time, here are our initial impressions of the device.


Lenovo K8 Note Design and Build
For a device that costs less than Rs. 15,000, Lenovo choice of material goes a long way in making us consider the Lenovo K8 note a good choice of phone if build quality is important to you. The all-aluminium build feels sturdy and has very little flex. The front is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 and while one can debate to the end of time how Lenovo should have instead gone with a newer version of protection, the bottom line is, they chose Gorilla Glass 3. You can always just get a tempered glass screen for added protection. The fingerprint sensor is easy to reach on the back under the dual camera module while the volume rocker and power buttons are placed on the right, within easy reach of the thumb. Overall, the phone feels surprisingly good for the price.


Lenovo K8 Note Specifications and Features
The Lenovo K8 Note comes with a MediaTek Helio X23 deca-core processor and 4GB of RAM. It also has 64GB of onboard storage which can be expanded by another 128GB via a dedicated microSD card slot. This is perhaps one of the best features of the K8 Note; that it does away with the useless hybrid sim slot completely. In times when users usually own two SIM cards, manufacturing dual-sim phones with a hybrid sim slot is just a waste of everyone’s time and intelligence. Lenovo paid heed to what the users had to say and offers a dedicated microSD card slot and a separate bay for inserting dual sim cards.


Lenovo also proudly proclaims the phone’s Dolby Atmos branding when it comes to sound and TheaterMax for video. The latter is Lenovo’s way of leveraging VR to allow users to watch movies on the phone and have it appear like they’re sitting in a movie theatre. Of course, you would need an AR headset to make use of this feature. The battery stands at a rating of 4000mAh which should be good enough for a day and a half of relentless use, but we will confirm this in our review. Lenovo has also enabled fast charging on the K8 Note, but it is limited to a total output of 15 watts and is delivered over a micro USB port instead of USB-C.


Lenovo K8 Camera
The K8 Note comes with a dual camera on the back (13-megapixel primary and 5-megapixel secondary) and a 13-megapixel front facing camera. The company says they have focused on providing a great imaging experience for not only the dual camera but also the selfie camera. In our brief time with the phone, we found that the smartphone does take good images all around but there are a few issues. For starters, the focus was less than impressive, especially when shooting in depth mode.


We found that despite telling it to focus on a particular spot, the focus would come back to whatever occupied the centre of the frame. This behaviour could be attributed to the fact that the demo units may not be running the final version of the software, but we will know more once we have a retail unit for review.

Lenovo K8 Note Test images

Lenovo K8 Final Impressions
Running stock Android 7.1.1 Nougat right out of the box, Lenovo has made sure that software is no longer the reason good hardware suffers from poor performance.  This is a good looking phone that offers dual cameras at a very lucrative price point, although the camera may need more tweaking. The 4000mAh battery may appeal to those who hunger for extended use as would the generous on-board storage capacity. Gamers might feel like they need to be wary of the MediaTek processor, but we would strongly recommend not forming an opinion just yet. We will put the phone through all our battery of tests and come back to you with a full, in-depth review.