Last day to get Reliance Jio Prime: Who should get it, who should stay away

Relaince Jio becomes a paid service tomorrow and if you're on the fence, we help you decide whether to quit or stick on

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    • Reliance Jio becomes a paid service from April 1
    • Jio Prime offer expires today

Ever since its introduction last September, Reliance Jio has been creating wave after wave in not just the telecom industry, but also in the lives of consumers. The company was able to rake up 100 million customers in a matter of months all thanks to the free calls and messages coupled up with the elimination of all roaming charges. However, it seems that the real crowd puller has been the free data provided to all the customers. Well, the free ride will be coming to an end tonight and if you really want to keep drawing the benefits of Jio, the company wants you to become a Jio Prime member by shelling out a one time free of Rs. 99. Once on prime, y ou will continue to enjoy the benefits you’re getting currently, for a monthly fee of Rs. 303. Bottomline is, there’s no more freebies and if you’re on the fence about whether to sign up for Jio Prime or not, we help you decide.

The Financially Frugal
What is undeniable is that Reliance Jio is the cheapest service available at this point in time. Given that calls and messaging is free (free messages limited to 100/day thanks to TRAI). Signing up for Prime will get you plenty of benefits, in some cases, more than double, as compared to what non-Prime users will get. A onetime fee of Rs. 99 seems like a good idea if you want to enjoy the cheapest data along with free calls and messages. Additionally, Rs. 149 is all it takes to get free calls for a month, along with 2GB of 4G data. If you just want calls, it doesn’t get any cheaper than this to be reachable. Additionally, if you really wanted to maximize your money’s worth, you could recharge for just Rs. 19, which gets you 1 day’s validity. You may not be able to make calls the next day, but you will continue to enjoy incoming calls and thanks to no roaming charges, you’ll enjoy incoming calls anywhere in the country.

The Data Hogs
Those we have heavy data consumption daily might find Reliance Jio to be a lucrative carrier. While the Rs. 303 plan will limit data consumption to 1GB/day the Rs. 499 plan gets you 2GB of data per day. In the event that you exhaust your data caps, Reliance Jio is still the cheapest when it comes to buying data top-ops. 1GB of 4G data on Reliance Jio costs Rs. 51 while the same costs a lot more on other carriers.


The Speed Conscious
There’s a lot of back and forth on who has a faster 4G network; Airtel or Reliance Jio. In the author’s personal experience, Airtel has always been faster at loading pages and downloading content when compared to Jio. However, the choice of which network to go for isn’t all about the top speed. The real question you should be asking is whether Reliance Jio is fast enough for you. If you are abl to stream your music and YouTube videos fast enough (or don’t mind the minor buffering time), then you’ve got something that works for you. There’s no point of having a really fast car if you’re not going to drive it above 40kmph now is there? You’re better off saving the money and getting a slightly slower car, as long as it get you from point A to point B fast enough.

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The Reliability Obsessed
It is no secret that cellular connectivity in most cities as a whole is pretty poor. Its why your cellphone’s battery life is frustratingly bad and also why your calls keep dropping. Unfortunately, Reliance Jio has faced a hard time getting other telcos to co-operate and let its calls connect to their network. While Reliance Jio’s connectivity issues are bound to go away with time, at the moment, that is just not the case. If you are in a line of work where being reachable is an absolute necessity, we wouldn’t recommend Reliance Jio as your primary carrier. However, given that other carriers suffer from poor connectivity as well, having a Reliance Jio sim as a secondary number couldn’t hurt

To conclude, we don’t really see a solid reason for why people should not jump onto the Reliance Jio bandwagon, if the service has worked well for them so far. There’s only two reasons to ditch your current sim, mostly that you’re either too frustrated with their service, or that you’ve already got a number from another carrier that you’re very happy with and don’t feel the need for an additional number. The real benefit of Reliance Jio happens to be the incredibly low entry point for many consumers into the world of 4G data. With plans starting as low as Rs. 19, Reliance Jio has something to offer for everyone.