Kodi to have Google Assistant integration in their next build

Ok Google, what should I watch today?

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    • The latest alpha version of Kodi has been codenamed Leia
    • We might see the Google Assistant integration in the app’s next stable build (Kodi 18)

Kodi, which was previously known as the XBMC Player, is a popular media centre application. With the help of this app, users get a totally new interface which lets them browse through and access video, music and images much more easily. Kodi is accompanied by various additional plugins which help in finding additional content.

People mainly like to use this on devices with larger displays like Televisions and Tablets. Due to the app being open source, there are various variants of it with different functionalities from other developers. The biggest plus point of this app is that it’s free to download. With the Kodi app, you can setup a media server at Home and then stream content to other devices directly. However, due to the setup process being more complex, competitors like Plex have gained a lot of its market.


Kodi recently released its latest alpha version of the app for testers which has been codenamed as Leia, and features Google Assistant integrated into it. This means that the next version of the Kodi app (Kodi 18) might take advantage of the digital AI assistant to get suggested recommendations and have voice search capabilities.

This integration of Google Assistant into the Kodi app will make the media watching experience much easier and enjoyable for the users. Users can tell the app what they want to watch and Kodi will try and play it. Additionally, with the help of this new feature, users will also be able to get suggestions from Google Assistant for what they should watch on the basis of their personal preferences.

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If you want to try this feature right now, you can do so by simply downloading the alpha version from Kodi’s official website. However, we have to warn you that due to this not being a final version of the app, there may be many bugs and issues which need to be sorted out.