WhatsApp service now restored after several countries affected by massive outage

According to outage.report data, India became the most affected country by WhatsApp global outage

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The instant-messaging app, WhatsApp was down for users in India and other parts of the globe. The app was down for a while and users couldn’t send or receive messages via the platform. Users took to Twitter to complain about the outage.

“I think WhatsApp is currently broken down. My internet is working fine but WhatsApp is shut down on my two phones,” a Twitter user posted. Another user with the name @Blonde_London wrote,”When you come on twitter to check that it’s not just your #Whatsapp that isn’t working and the whole world is in meltdown.”

Source: istheservicedown.com

We tried to check whether the app actually suffered outage and we found a message on WhatsApp reading, “Our service is experiencing a problem right now. We are working on it and hope to restore the function shortly.”


Update (2:52 PM): The hashtag #WhatsAppDown trending number 1 worldwide. Thousand of users are complaining about being unable to send/receive messages on WhatsApp.

Update (03:00 PM): The service appears to have restored for some users in India. Are you able to send/receive messages on WhatsApp? Tweet us @techookdotcom.

Update (03:05 PM): Some of us here at Techook are able to send and receive messages on WhatsApp but not photos.

Update (03:10 PM): We at Techook are now able to send and receive both messages and photos. What about you? Tweet us @techookdotcom.

Update (03:20 PM): According to a data gathered from outage.report, India is the most affected county with around 800 reports followed by United Kingdom, Malaysia, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, Indonesia, Netherlands, and Spain.


Update (03:32 PM): WhatsApp service has now restored across most of the affected areas.