Reliance Jio hits all time high speed in May says TRAI

Reliance Jio is now providing the fastest download speeds over 4G

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  3. Reliance Jio hits all time high speed in May says TRAI


    • Highest download speed ever recorded by Jio is 19.123Mbps.
    • Idea and Vodafone follow Jio in download speeds.
    • Idea number one when it comes to upload speed.

Reliance Jio which has been creating a major disruption in the Indian telecom industry have yet again surpassed other telecom operators to become the fastest 4G network in India. According to a report from TRAI Reliance Jio in the month of May has hit an all time high download speed of 19.123 Mbps. The data has been reported on TRAI’s MySpeed app accessible at the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Jio has been maintaining its spot as the top 4G download provider since February 2017. TRAI collects and computes download and upload speeds with the help of its MySpeed app in real-time.

TRAI also reported that Idea Cellular was second in download speeds coming in at 13.709Mbps, Vodafone was third at 13.387Mbps, and last was Airtel at 10.153Mbps.

When it comes to 4G upload speeds the story for Jio changes. For, 4G upload speeds Idea Cellular is the top contender at 8.459Mbps followed by closely by Vodafone taking up the second position after which comes Reliance Jio at 5.275Mbps. Airtel again taking up the fourth position recorded download speed at 4.641Mbps.

Comparing to the previous months, all of the four main telecom operators have seen a bump in their 4G download and upload speeds in May. All of these providers are stuck in an intense battle to emerge as the number one telecom operator in India.

Reliance Jio, when launched back in September of 2016, started this price war between telecom service providers by keeping their services initially free for six months. After which they are charging extremely low tariffs at roughly Rs. 10 per day. This has benefited the customers hugely as now they are being offered low rate tariff plans with much more benefits.