iOS 11 Top Five tips and tricks, that can better your user experience

Here are a few tips and tricks that will make using iOS 11 a bit more fun for you

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Apple has gone ahead and pushed out the final version of its iOS 11 operating system. It might just be the best ever iOS the company has ever launched. The new iOS 11 brings improvements to the iPhone but the major improvements have been brought to the iPad which now with this update has become much more productive. Here we will list five tips and tricks which will help better your user experience.

Enabling 3D Touch without the hardware (at least in the Control Centre)
3D touch is a feature that lets you get additional options when icons are hard-pressed. Apple brings a similar feature to iOS 11’s Control Centre.

You can long-press the icons in the Control Centre to get additional controls like if you long-press the brightness icon in the Control Centre, you will get an option to control the brightness much more precisely. To do so you will have to go to the settings where you can set the timer as to set the amount of time which will trigger this feature.

Screen Recording
Previously, if you wanted to record the screen on your iOS device you would require a third party application to do so. Now, with the introduction of iOS 11, Apple has built-in this feature.

To use this feature the users will have to add this to their control centre though settings. Once added the users can press it to start the screen recording. You can also turn on your microphone during recording with the help of 3D touch.

Get More Storage Space
Apple with this iteration of iOS focused a lot on improving storage. This has been done through various optimizations like adding new file formats for images and video which take up less space. You can also save on storage space by enabling iCloud Sync for Messages.

iOS 11 will bring a redesigned iMessage app, App Store

Now, you can also “offload” apps, in which the apps are deleted but the data is remembered. This will help you in deleting the unnecessary apps which you don’t use frequently, however, when you need them you just need to redownload them.

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Stop FaceTime Live Photo
The FaceTime Live Photo feature allows you to take screenshots without the on-screen interface showing, this might be a quirky thing but it also means that someone can snap a live photo of you anytime during the call.

If you like having privacy and don’t like people taking your live screenshots, you can disable the Live Photo feature altogether. This can be done in the settings. However, keep in mind this will not disable the other person from taking a screenshot, it will just disable the live photo and will have all the on-screen interface showing.

Scanning Documents
In iOS 11 the company has added a new feature where you can scan your documents directly onto the device. This feature has been introduced in the Notes app and is similar in functionality to the Microsoft Office Lens app. The camera will take an image of the document after which it will crop it and show as a scan.