Instagram now lets users see when other users were last online

Just like WhatsApp, if you don't want this feature, you can simply turn it off

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  3. Instagram now lets users see when other users were last online


    • This feature has been introduced with the latest Instagram app update
    • Users can see last online times of their followers and people they have previously DM’d with

Instagram, the social media image sharing network, just like its parent company, Facebook is trying to push its chat feature more and more. Now like Facebook and WhatsApp, Instagram will also let users see when people they follow or have previously chatted with were last online on the network.

As of now, the people who follow you don’t get to see when you were last online. This feature is only accessible to the people whom you follow or the ones you have previously messaged directly. For example, X follows Y on Instagram, X won’t be able to see when Y was last online. However, Y will be able to see when X was last online. In this situation if X had previously DM’d with Y or Y followed X back, X would have also been able to see when Y was last online.


Currently, Instagram is showing most of the people in the app as active, however, there are a few for which it shows the minutes or hours when they were online. The app now also tells the users if the other user is active at that time. However, if you don’t like this feature and want your privacy, Instagram, just like its sister company has integrated a toggle within the app to disable this feature for you.

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This new Show Activity Status comes enabled by default with the new update and can be found within Instagram’s settings. You can easily turn it off if you don’t want people knowing when you were last online. However, before you toggle the setting to off, we would like to warn you that when you turn off the setting, you too won’t be able to see when other people were last online.