Instagram introduces new feature that lets users follow hashtags in their feed

Keeping up with the latest trends on Instagram became much more easier

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  3. Instagram introduces new feature that lets users follow hashtags in their feed


    • Just like following an account on Instagram, now users will be able to similarly follow hashtags
    • People can also check out what hashtags other people are following

Instagram has announced a new feature which would help users follow the current trends without following too many accounts on the platform. This can be done by following trending hashtags in a similar fashion to following normal Instagram accounts. Once done, the app will utilise its own proprietary algorithm to curate highlights from photos posted on the service with the hashtag and placing them within your feed. Interestingly, if you engage with the photos curated by this algorithm, the app will search for more similar content and present it to you when you next open the app.


To follow a hashtag, users can either search for it in the Explore tab or open one already appearing on an image. The company has added a prominent button on the top of all the hashtag posts just to differentiate it from a normal one. If a post shows up in your feed that you don’t like, you can dislike it. Disliking a hashtag post won’t unfollow the hashtag, but train the algorithm to serve better images to you.

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This feature was teased last month and rolled out to a select number of Instagram users, now it is available for everyone in the world. To get this feature users will have to go ahead and update their apps from the respective app stores. One thing you need to be careful with this feature is, everyone who follows you on Instagram would be able to check out what hashtags you follow. Thus following any inappropriate hashtag is not advisable.