Indian Express launches new Android news app with text-to-speech feature

Indian Express launches another product that focuses on a clutter free reading experience

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  3. Indian Express launches new Android news app with text-to-speech feature


    • Indian Express launch first app to offer text-to-speech
    • Unique Card+Swipe UI

Staying updated with news as it unfolds around the corners in India and globally is the mandate of every reader today. Indian Express, the country’s second English newspaper website has taken a big step ahead to reach out to the masses and offer a clutter free reading experience. The media house has introduced a first-of- its-kind text-to- speech feature with its latest app revamp that will allow the Indian Express users to listen to their preferred news story on its mobile app. Notably, this the first news app that offers the cutting-edge feature and redefine news consumption for digital savvy users.

In addition to this new feature, the latest version of the IE mobile app also has an all-new ‘card + swipe’ layout to enable better delivery of the latest news stories, allowing users to check out multiple news headlines with every swipe.


Commenting on the latest innovation, Sandeep Amar, the CEO of Indian Express Digital, said, “We are working on constant innovation for making the news consumption experience better for our users. The new app UI will be the best among all the available news apps. The card based layout and clean UI will give users a clean reading environment. The other key feature is the “text to speech” feature, wherein users can listen to the story as well. The feature will be consistently enhanced in the future updates as we are working hard on voice-related technology to make sure users get the best experience.”

Ranked number two in both ‘mobile’ and ‘desktop+mobile’ categories in the Indian online news media sector, the Indian Express Group have expanded its digital offerings in other segments as well. The brand recently launched Techook, India’s first stack-based platform for tech gadgets, and also re-entered the South Indian market with