Why Huawei backed out from making the Google Pixel

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    • Huawei turned down partnership from Google Pixel project.
    • Google decides to put its own brand name on the Pixel handset.
    • Nexus 6P, last phone to feature Google & Huawei branding.

Huawei has confirmed that it will not collaborate with Google for the Google Pixel project. Colin Giles, the Vice President of Huawei Consumer Business Group told WinFuture.de that the company won’t have any involvement with the Pixel project.

Giles said that Google’s decision of bearing its own name on the handset made Huawei turn down its partnership with the Pixel development project. As the company strives to increase its reputation in the global market (US especially), Huawei’s role only as a manufacturer with no logo on the phone wouldn’t have helped promote the brand.

Nexus 6P, the last surviving phone from the Google Nexus Brand was designed and manufactured by Huawei. The collaboration of the two giants featured both Huawei and Google branding on the device skin.

However, despite its success on the Nexus 6P sale, Google wanted to market its Pixel smartphones without any direct involvement from an OEM partner. Huawei, for this reason, turned down the deal to collaborate further on the device hardware augmentation.  

Although the software in Huawei phones leaves no room for significant improvement, the combination of brilliant hardware with its software in the Nexus 6P did make an excellent device for the Google Nexus line.