HTC launches HTC Sense Companion

Artificial Intelligence powered Assistants for smartphones are all the rage these days, with HTC bringing its own contenders to market

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    • HTC Sense Companion is HTCs own AI
    • Works alongside Google Assistant
    • Learns over a period of time

HTC Launches HTC Sense Companion

Earlier this month, HTC had unveiled to the Indian market the HTC U Ultra and the HTC U Play. One of the key elements of the phone was the in-house AI developed by HTC called the HTC Sense Companion. At the time of the event, we were told that Sense Companion had been disabled on all demo devices as the feature was still under testing. Today, HTC has announced that Sense companion has passed the initial stages of testing and will be rolling out over the next 1-2 weeks through Google Play Store.

HTC Sense is the new AI on the block, competing with the likes of Siri, Google Assistant and Cortana. While the offerings from Google, Apple and Microsoft have matured over a number of years, HTC states that their Sense Companion “will initially include helpful recommendations to improve device performance, reminders to charge or bring a battery bank for a long day out, time estimates for arrival when driving in traffic, and clothing and accessory suggestions based on weather conditions.” The company states that they will introduce more features to the AI over the course of next few weeks such as “restaurant recommendations based on location, fitness reports based on total step counts and distances moved, points of interest suggestions based on your travel schedule and location, and more.” HTC says that the Sense Companion will learn from the user to be able to give better and more relevant suggestions with time.

Unlike other artificial intelligence based assistants, HTC’s Sense Companion is an app-based solution, which means it can be installed or removed as the user wishes. Additionally, its interesting that the HTC Sense Companion will continue to work alongside the Google Assistant. We’ve had a unit of the HTC U Ultra for a few days and it was just this morning that we got the prompt to setup HTC Sense Companion. Up until now, we were relying heavily on the Google Assistant for prompts, updates and managing the calendar.

The HTC Sense Companion can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for compatible devices as and when it becomes available globally.