New set of WhatsApp emojis rolling out to select users: Here’s how to get it

Can you tell the difference?

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  3. New set of WhatsApp emojis rolling out to select users: Here’s how to get it


    • New WhatsApp emojis rolling out
    • The update is for beta users
    • Public rollout is expected soon

WhatsApp is testing the new set of emojis to select users. Facebook-onwed instant messaging app is apparently rolling out the update to beta users. As part of the update, select WhatsApp users receive new emojis that look different. If you regularly use emojis, it’ll be easier for you tell the difference. If you don’t use emojis at all, you’ll be hardly bothered by the update. WhatsApp hasn’t added any new emojis. It has simply updated the existing set of emojis that look different.


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We’ve WhatsApp beta for Android update version 2.17.364 installed and are able to play with these emojis, and let us tell you that they look different in a weird way. Meaning, if you are used to the existing set of emojis, you may not appreciate this change. We reached out to many users for feedback and their initial reactions were not in favour WhatsApp. So, it remains to be seen whether users will appreciate these emojis once rolled out to all publicly.

How to get new emojis on WhatsApp right now

As we mentioned before, new WhatsApp emojis are currently available for WhatsApp beta for Android version 2.17.364 users. The public rollout is expected in the next few days or perhaps weeks. However, if you want to start using new emojis right now, first you should be a beta user. Go to WhatsApp install page on Play Store. Scroll down and find out an option to join WhatsApp beta program. Enroll yourself into a beta program and update the app. You may receive new emojis.