honor 8 pro coming to India amidst unique collaborations

honor's taken a page out of its parent company's book and struck various partnerships to add value to the honor 8 Pro

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Honor, Huawei’s edgier online only brand just got launching the Honor 8 Pro in European markets, alluding many of us in India to believe that the smartphone might be making its way to the Indian sub-continent very soon. A source within the company has revealed to us a few key details about the phone, starting with the launch timeline.

While our source wouldn’t give us the exact date of launch for the Honor 8 Pro, they did confirm that it will be released within the next one month as of writing this story. While the launch window could always be pushed around due to unforeseen reasons, however, what we have a confirmation on is immovable. Our source has confirmed that the partnerships Honor has struck with various brands to make the Honor 8 Pro a lucrative device will also stand true for when the phone launches in India. In case you weren’t aware, Honor has struck partnerships with GoPro, JauntVR and game developer Deep Silver Fishlabs for the Honor 8.

If a smartphone manufacturer wants to give their users a unique experience on their devices, the said company can do it in one of two ways; either spend billions on R&D to develop a feature with the risk that users might not take to it as the company had expected OR, just buy the company/start-up that has already developed the feature you want to bake into your phone. Honor went the third route, which is to tie up with companies that are known for their craft. The first such tie-up is with GoPro which has developed the Quik app for Honor. This app will allow you to edit your photos and videos together into what the company claims will be better visual stories. JauntVR has an extensive library of VR-enabled content and a partnership with them would mean that the Honor 8 Pro will ship with a VR headset in the box. We’re pretty sure it will be the cardboard-type VR headset and not something as premium as the Google VR, but it is still something worth noting. The final partnership is with Deep Silver Fishlabs the creators of Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore. The game is built on the Vulkan API and the partnership between Honor and Deep Silver Fishlabs has brought compatibility of the Vulkan API to Honor’s fold.

Honor 8 Pro
Honor 8 Pro

The Honor 8 Pro launched in the United Kingdom with a price tag of GBP474 for the 6GBRAM/64GB Storage variant. That, by today’s conversion stands at Rs. 38,784. If Honor does launch the Honor 8 Pro in-line with its European pricing, we’re looking at the phone square in the territory of the OnePlus 5. Of course this is also assuming that OnePlus 5 doesn’t cross the Rs. 40,000 threshold. Various publications have benchmarked the Kirin 960 processor against the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 in Geekbench and found that the former isn’t very far behind the latter when it comes to both multi-core and single-core performance. We’ll reserve any judgements on the two phone’s performance and feature set till they are officially launched in the country.

While Huawei and Honor have always maintained very distinct lines of marketing and product strategy, it is refreshing to see Honor take a page out of Huawei’s books. Huawei has a strong focus on collaboaritng with industry leaders to augment their products. We recently saw this at Mobile World Congress where the company announced partnerships with Leica (for the P10’s camera optics), with the Pantone Foundation (to offer a host of colourful options) and even GoPro.

While Huawei has struggled to get a foothold in the Indian market, Honor on the other hand has done fairly well for itself. Their dual camera offering in the honor 6x was immensely popular, even though the Honor 8 didn’t enjoy the same level of success. Hopefully with new collaborations in place, Honor will be able to offer a more lucrative package in the Honor 8 Pro. It isn’t too long now before the phone lands in India.