Hike acquires smartphone maker Creo, retains the whole team

Hike Messenger has acquired the smartphone maker CREO and will be retaining all of their team to work on a developer platform.

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    • Hike has acquired Creo for an undisclosed amount
    • Hike will retain all of the team to develop a Developer’s platform
    • The company will introduce third party app support for its messenger

Hike Messenger the social media platform has gone ahead and acquired the Bangalore based smartphone maker Creo. Hike Messenger has sent out a press note stating that they will be retaining the entire staff of CREO.

“The Creo team will begin work on a developer platform to enable third party developers to build services on the Hike platform,”
Hike Spokesperson.

It has been previously reported that Airtel the parent company of Hike might be working on a 4G enabled feature phone to give competition to the JioPhone. This new acquisition could potentially signal Airtel’s efforts to create hardware along the same lines, albeit supporting the telco-owned messaging app. However, at this point, the phone is just conjecture as when we contacted Hike they were not available for immediate comment.

Hike Wallet

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In the press note it was written that the company has acquired the Creo Team, however, when we called the press contact, he did say that Hike had acquired Creo as a company. Creo was founded back in 2013 and now has over 50 employees. It developed streaming media dongles and smartphones. It also had launched the Creo Mark 1 in 2016 which was a runaway hit for the company.

Hike Messenger is the first messaging app developed in India and was launched back in 2012. It has many investors like Foxconn, Bharti Airtel, Tencent, amongst many others. Currently, the company has over 300 employees and a user base of 100 million.