Here’s every new feature that WhatsApp has introduced recently

WhatsApp has introduced a lot of features recently to improve the user experience

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messenger platforms. It has around 1.3 billion monthly active users and is owned by the social media giant Facebook. Recently, the company has been introducing a few new features to make the app more, user-friendly. Here is a list of the new features that WhatsApp has introduced recently. However, to use some of these features, you have to be signed up for the beta program for the app on both iOS and Android. Some of these features are extremely useful and will tempt you to become a beta tester for the app to try these features out.

Storage Control
WhatsApp recently added a new tab in the storage page of the app. This new tab will give users access to the exact amount of storage being taken up by each and every chat. This will help users in identifying the chats which take up the most space in the phone storage. With the help of this feature, the user can also click on the chat and know the breakup of the storage after which they can go ahead and delete them manually.


Text Status
People have started using WhatsApp’s MyStatus a lot. Now, the company has started allowing people to post text status. The users can add colourful backgrounds with their text status on top. To use this feature the users have to open the Status page after which they have to tap on the pencil icon.

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Share any kind of files
The company now lets its users any type of file they want on its app. Now, users are allowed to share files that take up to 100MB of storage. Previously the app only allowed the users to share files up to 16MB.

BookMyShow integration
A few days back BookMyShow the popular ticket booking platform tied up with WhatsApp to deliver tickets directly via WhatsApp to the users. Previously the website sent ticket confirmations via text messages and e-mail. This new feature will be much faster and easier for people to use.