Here is what Apple iPhone 8 could look like

Apple iPhone 8 prototypes confirm a lot of crucial details such as bare minimum bezels and vertically aligned dual rear camera.

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    • Apple iPhone 8 could feature vertical dual rear camera
    • Apple is said to feature bigger home button
    • Sadly, the 3.5mm headphone jack will not return

Ever since Apple introduced the first-gen iPhone in 2007, the company has come a long way. Now that Apple iPhone is celebrating its 10th anniversary, the level of excitement is undoubtedly on cloud nine. Apple iPhone 8 will deliver massive redesign, confirms the report. According to an exclusive information obtained by Forbes, Apple is all set to deliver its biggest redesign ever to celebrate iPhone’s 10th anniversary.

Forbes and case designer Nodus got hold of CAD files of Apple iPhone 8 thanks to its supply chain and rendered prototypes to visualise how Apple iPhone 8 could look like. They suggest Apple might opt for no bezels at all. It is expected to feature a bigger 5.8-inch screen with a cutout at the top so that it can make a room for front-facing camera and sensors. Apple iPhone 8 will feature vertically aligned dual rear camera unlike iPhone 7 thanks to Apple’s yet-to-be-confirmed entry into Augmented Reality (AR).

Image Source: Forbes
Image Source: Forbes

Forbes has also confirmed retention of the lightning port, and it is unlikely that the headphone jack will make a comeback. The next iPhone is said to double the size of the home button. Although Apple is said to integrate Touch ID into the display, Forbes indicates larger button could make enough room for Touch ID.

There were few reports earlier this week that Apple iPhone 8 is expected to feature 3D face scanning to unlock the device. It will reportedly be fast and accurate. Recently, a high-resolution video of the alleged Apple iPhone 8 surfaced on YouTube revealing vertically aligned dual rear camera setup.