Has Apple sold 15 million units of iPhone X already?

An estimated 6 million units of the iPhone X were sold on Black Friday, despite there being no deals on it

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    • Apple has currently sold over 15 million units of the iPhone X
    • Out of the 15 million units sold, 6 million were sold on Black Friday

Apple launched the iPhone X back on November 3. Initially, there were reports stating there would be a supply shortage of the device. However, after seeing the numbers in a report by Jun Zhang, an analyst at Rosenblatt China Technology, we have our doubts. As per the report, Apple has sold over 15 million iPhone X units worldwide till now. It includes a total of 6 million units sold during Black Friday sales. A word of caution – these numbers haven’t yet been tallied with official figures from the company at this time, as Apple hasn’t shared any sales numbers yet.

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In the report, Zhang also mentioned that out of the two variants of the iPhone X, the 256GB internal storage variant saw more than twice the orders compared to its 64GB sibling. This is a good sign for the company’s Average Selling Price and gross margins. This, as per Zhang, was made possible by the current manufacturing speed of the iPhone X which is 3 million units per week, and further expected to rise to 4 million units a week by next month.

The report also claims that Apple will end up selling 30 million iPhone X devices during the Christmas quarter. When it comes to the March quarter, Apple is estimated to sell around 40 to 45 million units.

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Popular analyst firm, Morgan Stanley, also said that Apple could sell over 262 million iPhones in 2018. However, this number consists of all the iPhones currently being sold by Apple officially.