Google’s Pixel smartphone hacked in under 60 seconds: Report

A team of white hackers from security solutions company Qihoo 360 hacked Google’s Pixel smartphone in just 60seconds at PwnFest.

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    • A Chinese team hacks Google’s pixel smartphone in less than 60 seconds.
    • Google patched the vulnerability in a new stable build.
    • Apple’s Safari browser gets victimised as well.

Google’s pixel smartphone has been hacked in less than 60 seconds by a Chinese team. The team of white hackers from security solutions company Qihoo 360 achieved the feat at PwnFest, a hacking competition held in Seoul, South Korea. Team ‘Qihoo 360’ got the access to run a remote code execution in the Pixel phone in less than 60 seconds using a zero-day vulnerability.

The exploit allowed the team to launch Google Play Store and Google Chrome mobile version. The hackers successfully got ‘full remote access’ to personal information stored in the device and they also gained ‘remote code execution to display ‘Pwned by 360 Alpha Team’ on the Chrome browser.

Google however, had already patched the vulnerability that allowed the ‘Qihoo 360’ team to take control of the Chrome browser. According to a report in The Register, the patch has already been released in a new stable build.

The Chinese team won a total of $520,000 cash prize and they also managed to hack into Adobe Flash within four seconds. Surprisingly, Qihoo 360 is not the only team that could hack the Google Pixel smartphone. The Keen team of Tencent discovered another zero-day vulnerability at PwnFest in Japan. The vulnerability allowed the hackers to access the phone’s major functions like calls, messaging, photos etc. However, Google has not commented on whether the vulnerability is patched or not.

Google’s Pixel smartphone wasn’t the only phone that was hacked at PwnFest in Seoul. The Cupertino giant’s Safari browser fell victim where the hackers succeeded to gain ‘root privilege’ to the browser via zero-day vulnerability.

As the Pixel is Google’s first ‘Made by Google’ smartphone, the company promises to provide constant security updates for the phone. But though the Chinese hackers were not interested in using the exploit for any criminal applications, Google’s smartphone still seems to be vulnerable even for a minor hack which of course is not a good news for the Android creator.