Google’s Gboard now allows you to create your own GIF files in a jiffy

Now, you can have your face plastered across all your friends' smartphones

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  3. Google’s Gboard now allows you to create your own GIF files in a jiffy


    • The feature is currently available on iOS
    • Previously, to generate GIFs users had to utilise third-party applications

Google has silently updated its Gboard app for iOS, adding its GIF making button next to the word suggestion bar. The GIF maker feature was introduced by the company last September. However, the feature wasn’t advertised about much and was hidden behind the emoji button located on the bottom edge of the keyboard.

The GIF recorder button allows users to record their reactions and convert them into GIFs from both, the front and the rear camera. It lets the users record the GIFs in two modes – Loop and Fast Forward. In the Loop mode, users can record a three-second video which will run in a loop, similar to Instagram’s Boomerang. In the Fast Forward mode, users can record videos of up to one minute and then speed them up to convert it into a GIF.

Gboard GIF Creator
Image Credit: Verge

To create a GIF, you will need to press the GIF maker button on the top edge of the keyboard, after which you will need to select the kind of GIF you want to make. After selecting one, just record a video and press finish. Thus you are done creating a GIF.

When you are done recording the video and the app has converted it into a GIF, you will be able to copy and paste it into your message and forward it to anyone you want.

As of now, it seems that the feature is only available on the iOS app, and hasn’t made its way on to Android yet. However, we won’t be surprised to see the feature go live on the Android app soon.

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Previously, to create your own GIFs, you had to have Google’s Motion Stills app or and third-party GIF creator to turn your live images into GIFs. However, Google seems to be removing that extra step that the users had to take to create their own GIFs.