Google’s Gboard gains support for stickers and new languages

Google's Gboard might be the only keyboard you will ever need

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    • Now Gboard supports over 120 languages
    • Now you don’t require Google Allo to send stickers from the Gboard

Google recently rolled out a new update for its Gboard Keyboard app, which brings support for stickers along with 40 new languages. Currently, Gboard supports over 120 different languages. Interestingly, one of the most requested language was Japanese which is now available in Gboard.

Previously, users had to use alternate input methods to type in Japanese and other non-Latin based languages. However, Google has slowly been adding support for all these languages.

Google's gboard play store

To add any of these 120 language inputs in your Gboard, you will need to open the Gboard app, tap Languages, Press Add a keyboard, Find which language keyboard you want. After this is done, the app will ask you to choose between a 12-key and QWERTY layout, and multilingual typing if you have more than two languages enabled.

Additionally, Gboard now also comes with integrated stickers. Previously, to get stickers in Gboard, users had to first install the Google Allo app, after which they had to install stickers in the app to get them to work on the Gboard. So much trouble for stickers! Now with the latest version, you can simply go to the Google Play Store and download a sticker pack for Gboard.

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If you aren’t happy with Google’s Gboard, you can alternatively opt for the SwiftKey Keyboard which is available on iOS too. It is one of the top third-party keyboards currently available for smartphones. Interestingly, the SwiftKey keyboard has been available in Play Store long before Gboard was introduced.