Google Search app’s latest Beta allows users to edit and share screenshots

First remove View image button, then give users better tools to take screenshots. What is Google up to?

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Google has released a new beta version of its search app for Android – Version 7.21. With this new beta update, the company has added a new feature which will let users edit and share screenshots from the app itself. It allows users to take a screenshot in the app, edit it and then share it across various apps from the pop-up window. This feature is not region specific, and we expect Google to roll out the stable version of the app soon.

To use this new feature, users need to first download the beta version of the app, after which they need to activate the feature. To activate the feature, you need to open the Settings panel within the search app, after which you need to go into Accounts and Settings and then simply toggle the Edit and Share screenshots switch to on.

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After the feature has been activated, whenever you take a screenshot within the app, it will show you a small preview at the bottom corner of the screen. It will also allow you to edit the image by – cropping, scribbling, doodling. After you are done editing, you can go ahead and share the image wherever you want.

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As of now, this feature only works within the Search app. However, Google might expand this new feature to its other apps too. Not only do Android users get to take advantage of this new feature, but so do iOS users. A report states that this feature has also been made available on iOS.