Google pushing developers to build Android Wear apps

In a few months you might not require a smartphone to operate your smart watch powered by Google's Android Wear operating system

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    • Google is pushing developer’s to make standalone apps for Android Wear smart watches
    • Android Wear smart watches also work with iOS devices
    • From January 18, 2018, Enhanced for Android Wear badge will start coming on app pages

Google recently launched the Android Wear 2.0 operating system and one of its main features is that it supports standalone apps which can be directly installed on the smart watch. This new feature allowed smart watches to not always be connected to your smartphone to get app data. Today, Google announced that this feature will also be available on Android Wear 1.0.

This is done with the help of multi-APKs. Multi-APKs allow standalone watch apps to exist as they separate the smartphone app from the watch app. This also helps the Android Wear watches to connect with iOS devices. multi-APKs allow developers to make separate apps for smartphones and for smart watches.



This new move from Google of making standalone apps available to Android Wear 1.0 seems like the company wants developers to make more standalone apps for the Android Wear ecosystem. When Google launched the first Wear operating system it had said that one day they expect to make it a totally standalone platform which doesn’t need to be connected to the internet.

“This is critical to providing apps not only to our Android users, but also iOS users – which is increasingly important as we continue to expand our diverse ecosystem of watches and users,”
Said Google.

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Google also made a few amends in their policy, which states that the developers will be required their apps from January 18, 2018. This push is for every kind of app from watch faces to data providers. After the developers have made the changes to their apps and uploaded them the app page will come with an Enhanced for Android Wear badge.