Google PlayStore now lets you buy devices from any region

Have you been lusting over the Google Home or Google Wi-Fi? You can now buy them officially from Google

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    • No more geographical restrictions on device purchase
    • All credit cards accepted
    • No international shipping

In what is going to come as great news to many of you, Google has decided to ease up on its geographic restrictions for the devices section of the Google Play store. What this means is that you can now change your Play store’s region to any other country and purchase Google devices from there, using a credit card that has been issued in your home country. However, there are a few caveats.

The first thing to know about this move is that products can only be shipped to the country whose Google Play store you have purchased the device from. For example, if you really want the Limited Edition Really Blue Google Pixel (which wasn’t launched in India), you can just change your region in the store to the United States of America and purchase the device using your Indian credit card. The catch is, the device can only be shipped to someone within the US. In case you find that a device you want is out of stock, you can switch to another country, as long as you have someone there who can receive the shipment for you.


This move by Google is a rather welcome one. Given the large number of people who have family settled abroad, or know someone who is travelling, purchasing devices that aren’t available in India has now become a piece of cake. For example, if you were enamoured by the Google Home speaker, you can now buy it without having to jump through multiple hoops. It’s a different story that the functionality of the device here may be severely limited, but who cares. What might interest many is Google Wi-fi, little hubs that you can spread around the house to ensure good Wi-Fi signal around your house. Changing the country settings are as simple as scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the flag.


The easing of geo-restrictions is a great move by Google that will help the company get its devices around the world, without having to take on the trouble of imports and licensing. While it wasn’t impossible to buy a device from a different region of the Google Play store earlier, this move has sure made the process a whole lot simpler and legitimate. So what are you going to be ordering? Share with us in the comments below.