Google plans to launch Google Assistant developer platform for third-party integration in December

Google is finally opening Assistant Developer platform for third-party developers allowing their services to integrate with Google Assistant.

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  3. Google plans to launch Google Assistant developer platform for third-party integration in December


    • Google Assistant developer platform to launch in December for third-party developers.
    • Action on Google to open for developer early next month.
    • XDA reports Google working with Spotify, CNN and OpenTable to familiarize them with the system.

Google is planning to launch Google Assistant developer for third-party integration in December. Communicating with the apps and services through voice command can now become a reality with the Google Assistant. With Google’s personal Assistant already integrated in Pixel phones, Allo and Google Home will set a lead in home automation and Artificial Intelligence.

Action on Google will be open to developers early next month. Currently, Google has specified three types of Actions:

  1. Direct Actions- Google Assistant trigger these actions when a voice command doesn’t require a follow-up question. These actions can be used for home automation, media and communications.
  2. Conversation Action- These actions allow a user to engage with other users to deliver information, services and assistance. It involves a “back and forth” interaction with the users. The conversation action can be built using the Actions on Google API.
  3. Embedded Google Assistant SDK- This software development kit allows developers to build Google Assistant right into devices like Raspberry Pi among other consumer products.

The third-party developers get restricted access to digital voice assistants like the Google Now and Cortana. As per the reports from XDA, Google is working with a number of brands such as Spotify, CNN, Uber and OpenTable to familiarise them with the system. Google Assistant is already making use of ‘app indexing, deep linking and Voice Interaction API’ to return user-generated requests. The third-party apps so far do not take advantage of the voice assistant, and opening it up to developers will lead to streamline interactions.