Google reveals when their devices will stop getting support

Will google smartphones to turn obsolete after three years?

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    • Google Pixel and Nexus devices to get Android system feature update at least for two years
    • Google Pixel and Nexus devices to get security updates for at least three years

Every mobile device turns obsolete some day, after which the company stops providing any support for the device. Although companies don’t reveal when their devices will stop receiving any support in terms of software updates, telephonic and email support, etc., so as they can keep selling these non-supported devices. Google, on the other hand, likes to keep its customers in loop and guarantees that their devices will Android system updates for at least two years and security updates till three years.

Google, to be more transparent towards its customers has updated its Android update policy stating for how long they will be supporting the Nexus and the Pixel devices. The following is a quote from the Google Android updates page that can be found on their website.

“Pixel and Nexus phones get telephone or online support for at least as long as they get security updates. After that, we can’t guarantee continued support.”

Google means to say here that you will be able to contact Google executives via call or chat for solving any issues that you have been facing. Below is an image attached showing for how long will Google support each device.

google pixel update

Google also released a list of how long each of the Pixel and the Nexus devices will be supported on their support page. This shows that Google is committed to providing at least three years of security updates to their Pixel and Nexus smartphones. Thus, showing that Google might implement this kind of an update policy for the companies who utilise Android operating system in their own smartphones.