Google Pixel 2 will be costlier with faster SoC, improved camera; Budget Pixel also in works

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  3. Google Pixel 2 will be costlier with faster SoC, improved camera; Budget Pixel also in works


    • Google reportedly working on new Pixel 2 device.
    • The new device will be higher than the previous Pixel model.
    • Google might also bring a cheaper ‘Pixel 2B’ model.

Google’s launched it’s ‘Made by Google’ smartphone line up ‘Pixel’ last year and it became a massive hit within a few months. The retail demand turning out high, Google Pixel is currently “out of stock” on the Google Store.

Although the company didn’t give a hint on the availability of the new units, a new rumour has coiled up revealing Google’s new Pixel 2 smartphone.

As per a report from 9to5Google, Google is working on the next-generation smartphone ‘Pixel 2’ which will feature improved CPU. The report (as being told by a source) claims that the company is primarily focusing on the camera with Pixel 2. Apparently the next-generation phone will have advanced low-light photography. Instead of “large MP size”, the phone’s camera will “compensate in extra features”.

The report also says that the multiple Pixel 2 prototypes are being tested with improved chipsets. One with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 83X chips and the other with Intel.

A “few” prototypes of a model with codename “Pixel 2B” is under Google’s testing as well. The device which will supposedly be released “alongside or shortly after Pixel 2” would likely come with lower-end hardware and cheaper price. 9to5Google source claims that the cheaper model would be “aimed at different markets”, most likely outside the US.

Indicating a price hike of “at least” 50$ USD for the next-generation Pixel 2 device, the Pixel 2B as reported will be “significantly cheaper”.

Although 9to5Google cites the information to come from a ‘reliable source’ we will still have to take the rumour with a pinch of salt and wait until Google makes an announcement about this new device.