Google Pixel 2 could come with a rear touchpad

After the fingerprint gestures, Google now might introduce a touchpad in the Google Pixel 2

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    • Google after the success of the Fingerprint gestures might introduce touchpad in the Google Pixel 2
    • Google might lease out the patent to other manufacturers

Google Pixel 2 might come with a touchpad on the rear, as suggested by a recent patent that Google has been awarded. This does not come as a surprise as the original Google Pixel came with fingerprint gestures which the public loved. Now Google might be trying to expand this feature by adding a touchpad at the back of the upcoming Pixel 2 devices. This touchpad can be used by app developers to better the user experience of their app. Google along with utilising this technology in their Pixel 2 smartphone might also license this to other manufacturers to use in their devices.

Google Pixel 2 Patent
Image Credits: Patently Mobile

“It would be advantageous to have an improved touch sensitive surface that offers additional modes of operation,”

Google wrote in its filing

The rear touchpad might be used by apps like PDF readers in which users can scroll the PDF they are reading from the back of the device, in the music app they can use it to change the song or control the volume, users can scroll through their images without touching the screen. Additionally, a touch sensitive surface at the back could also be leveraged by various games that rely on simple directional swipes.

Google in its patent also mentioned that the gesture area on the back of the device could allow consumers to draw on the back. These gestures could be used to activate or deactivate specific features like the flashlight or controlling music playback.

Google had filed for this patent almost a year back when the people responded positively to the fingerprint gestures introduced in the Google Pixel. Now with the approval of the patent, we can expect Google’s next flagship smartphones to come with a touchpad on the back.