Google Photos updated, focuses on simplifying sharing

Google Photo Books will now turn a user's library into a physical printed book.

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    • Google Photos app get three major upgrades
    • Suggested Sharing notify users to share photos with their contacts
    • Google Lens is also coming to Photos app

With over billions of users sharing and uploading photos almost every second, Google taking care of every individual has announced major upgrade on its photo sharing service.

The search giant at its annual developers conference Google I/O introduced three big addition to the Google Photo app which is now being used by 500 million users every month. The upgrade includes a new social feature- Suggested Sharing, Shared Libraries, and Photo Books.

Speaking about these new features, Suggested Sharing in Google Photos app uses facial recognition to suggest the which photos user should send it to their colleagues and family. Using machine learning technology, Google Photos will notify users to share photos with their contacts, select the right photos automatically and even suggest to whom the user should send it. For instance, if images with the same face are being sent to the same phone number quite a few times, Google Photos will identify the image from a user’s Google contact and then it will suggest sharing the photos of that face with that contact number.

Further, users will be able to see their sharing activities and suggestions in a new feature called Sharing tab which will roll out for Android, iOS, and web in the coming weeks.

Shared Libraries, meanwhile, is designed to automatically share photos be it a complete album or select photos to another user which they would be able to see and even save to their libraries. Users will be able to turn on a setting in the Google Photos app that will automatically share photos with their prior contacts. Both Shared Libraries and Suggested Sharing will be available on Android and iOS in the coming weeks.

You can give them access to your full photo library or, if you prefer, only photos of certain people or from a certain date forward. And when they share their library with you, you can automatically save the photos you want so they also show up in search and in the movies, collages and other fun creations Google Photos makes for you,” Google in its blog post said.

google-sharedlibrariesGoogle will offer 7-inch softcover or 9-inch hardcover books, and users can get a 20-page book. The softcover books will come at a cost of $9.99 and hardcover will cost $19.99. Photo Books feature is available starting today on the Photos website and will arrive on mobile apps next week. Additionally, Google Lens (a set of vision-based computing capabilities) is will be integrated to Google Photos as well.