Google myAndroid Taste Test: Now find the perfect theme for your phone with ease

Google #myAndroid Taste Test enables user to customise their smartphone based on their taste.

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  3. Google myAndroid Taste Test: Now find the perfect theme for your phone with ease


    • The online tool enables to get a cutomised home screen.
    • It asks a series 0f 20-rapid fire questions.
    • The test is available on Android website.

Google has always brought the ability to customise and add an aesthetic appearance on the home or lock screen for its Android users. The Silicon-valley tech giant has recently launched an online tool called #myAndroid Taste Test that helps its users to get a perfect look on their home screens. The tool which is designed to help the user select a wallpaper, launcher, and icon set based on their preferences is basically a personality test that takes a few minutes to tweak and customise the home screen on the user’s device.


The new micro-site asks the user a series of 20 rapid-fire questions that comes with an either-or proposition such as Monochromatic or Multicolor, Vibrant or Muted, Warm or Cool etc.


Some other questions are also asked to understand the kind of tools that a user mostly uses on the home screen. For instance, weather, news or music. The tool even asks whether you are a beginner, an intermediate user or an Android expert. Once you have completed the test, the Android Taste Test tool calculates and suggest widgets, icon pack, wallpapers and keyboard (with a download link alongside), that fits the look you have prefer for your device. Interestingly, you can opt for the test as many times as you want with Google’s Gboard popping-up each time as your keyboard suggestion.


Notably, the tool does offer a bunch of different launchers and icon packs so that the users can personalise the skins on their mobile platforms. You can try for the tool on the Android website or you can simply look for the #myAndroid Taste Test on the Google search engine as well.