Google Lens now accessible through Google Photos for Android

Coming soon to iOS

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    • The feature is currently live for all the Android smartphones with Google Photos installed in them
    • The app will soon be making its way to the iOS platform

Google showcased its Lens app to the world at its developer’s conference I/O in 2017. It is the company’s own visual search engine which scans through the internet to recognise what is in the image that has been taken by the user took. It even stores contact information by simply scanning a hard copy business card. Earlier this was available to only the latest Pixel smartphone users. Now, the company has decided to provide it as a feature to all Google Photo users on Android platform.

Pixel owners can access Google Lens by triggering Google Assistant, something which is sort of exclusive to those smartphones. However, Google has said some third-party OEMs can also benefit from this functionality in the future.

Google Lens
Google Lens basically enables you to point the smartphone’s camera at an object and automatically provides information related to that object

Google Lens currently stays exclusive to Android. But they have promised it will soon make its way onto iOS as well. However, no exact timeline is known at the time of writing this.

I had some time to test out Google Lens feature on the Pixel 2 XL, and it seemed like a more advanced version of the Google Goggles app that the company had come out with much before Lens. Is Google Lens helpful, you may ask? It certainly is. But it remains to see for how long it stays in users’ memory.

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If you want to try out the feature, go to Play Store and update your Google Photos app. You can then simply capture a picture of some landmark or a business card, and Google Lens shall help you out with relevant information and store business credentials.