Google fixes Pixel & Pixel XL Bluetooth issue

Google Pixel and Pixel Bluetooth issue that has first appeared after the February security patch have now been remedied by the company.

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    • Pixel & Pixel XL bluetooth issue fixed.
    • Google is rolling out the fix via ‘server-side changes’.
    • the bug first appeared in after February-security patch.

Google’s premium Pixel lineup, Pixel and Pixel XL were two of the most talked about phones in the year 2016. But as all smartphones have one or two niggles (be it premium or mid-range), the ‘Made by Google’ smartphones were attached with those issues too.

However, the Mountain View Company has announced that the Bluetooth connectivity problem on the devices have been fixed. The issue appeared after the February security patch was released on the Pixel phones. The bug caused hindrance while streaming music to an external speaker and even caused accessories to disconnect. The Pixel owners took to the User Community thread to report the issue. Google, acknowledging the problem, stated that “The team has identified a fix, and it will be rolling out in an upcoming release,” (via 9to5Google) on February this year. However, the bug though identified, it still persisted and couldn’t get fixed with the March security dispatch.

But a Google employee has now confirmed that a ‘server-side changes’ have been made to fix the problem and is expected to reach the affected users via a Google Play Services update.

“I just got word that Google has just finished putting a fix in place for this issue on our end — no downloads or updates to your devices or apps are needed. We’d love to hear feedback from this group. If you have a chance to test your Bluetooth connection, please let us know how it goes,” the Google employee said.

As the post cites, a Google Play Service update will gradually roll out in the coming weeks, as such the Pixel owners won’t be required to download any update since the bug has been fixed on the server side.

With 9to5Google inputs